Thank you for choosing our practice for the dental assessment and or care of your child.

As a specialist practice the purpose of our first visit is to meet you (the parent) and your child, assess their dental status as well as suggest any necessary treatment or advice as required. Most of our patients are referred by a general dental or medical practitioner (with a referral letter), and given their complex dental needs, we are not able to offer treatment (in most cases) at our consultation appointment. This is due to their different demands and/or age, and the fact that many of our patients are too young to cope with the nature of the treatment itself. Consequently, the aim of our first visit is to discuss with the parent(s) their individual needs. Your initial consultation includes thorough clinical examination with intra-oral photos, digital radiographs as needed for complete assessment. We assess and diagnose the risk factors contributing to your child’s dental issues. If your child requires an orthodontic consultation in addition to your first consultation then we can arrange this in our surgery.

As such, many children require a different approach to their dental treatment including the need for sedation (given their age, medical background or pre-cooperative stages of development). So our specialists need to determine the best way of delivering treatment in a “friendly” way for their ages. Some of our patient will only require a caring approach and familiarization to the dental setting. Others will require mild sedation or a general anaesthetic. In most cases what is hard is not the dental problem such as a filling or dental extraction, as these are reasonably straight forward procedures. It is the coping abilities of each child that differ and consequently, what becomes difficult is the sedation approach (and the right technique) for each individual patient. For Frequently Asked Questions about sedation and your child at the dentist, please click here. If your child has never seen a dentist, we are happy to make an assessment and look after their ongoing dental needs. However, most children can be treated in general dental practice which is usually more convenient (and cheaper) than seeing a specialist. Depending of the dental problem or needs of your child radiographs (X-rays) may be required.

If you require any further information, please send us an email or call our reception (+61 (02) 9715 3711) for advice or making an appointment.

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