A history of excellence, something to smile about

SYDPD, a Specialist Who Cares

Our Paediatric Dental Practice was established in 1999 by Dr Eduardo Alcaino. It is located in suite 201, 21-23 Burwood Road NSW 2134. Since it was built, we have been joined by three other specialists. Sydney Paediatric Dentistry is a specialist paediatric dental practice that offers paediatric and orthodontic services. In addition we have a number of team members including patients coordinator, senior reception staff, a practice manager, dental hygienists and a number of nursing and other clerical staff. We are also joined by a number of anaesthetists in our practice who take care of our general anaesthetic services.

Our surgery comprises of four separate rooms with treatment chairs, a separate consultation area, a large sterilising and conference area, a conscious sedation recovery dedicated room, as well as offices and private areas for staff.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to children and their families. Although our main role involves dental care, our interest is child welfare. As such, we are able to organise referrals to medical and allied health specialists to address the needs that children face early in life.

Experienced and dedicated professionals

We have many years experience of dedicated child dental care, both in specialist practice and in education. Furthermore, we are actively involved in teaching, lecturing and every year we travel overseas to be able to offer the most up to date knowledge in our field.

Our surgery waiting rooms and clinical areas have been based on the art of M.C Escher (1898 – 1972). The idea of the artworks is to create an inviting environment as dentistry may be a challenging setting for many children (and adults).

‘Every year we travel overseas to be able to offer the most up to date knowledge in our field’