We offer a comprehensive range of services to children and their families. Although our main role involves dental care, our interest is child welfare. As such, we are able to organise referrals to medical and allied health specialists to address the needs that children face early in life.

We have many years experience of dedicated child dental care, both in specialist practice and in education. Furthermore, we are actively involved in teaching, lecturing and every year we travel overseas to be able to offer the most up to date knowledge in our field.

Paediatric Services

  1. Neonatal services including tongue tie assessments and feeding issues
  2. Dental trauma (primary and permanent dentition)
  3. Oral pathology
  4. Dental problems including tooth decay and enamel defects
  5. Sedation services including nitrous oxide, sedation, oral sedation and general Anaesthesia
  6. Preventative services, including oral hygiene instructions, cleaning and preventative care, radiographic imaging

Orthodontics Service

  • Early assessment (primary dentition)
  • Interceptive treatment in the midst and tissues state
  • comprehensive orthodontics services by specialists (fixed appliances or braces and Invisalign)

Multidisciplinary approach Service

Our practice also offers a range of multidisciplinary approaches including consultations with other specialists such as oral maxillo facial surgeons, orthodontists, endodontist, periodontist, gum specialist, paediatrician and ENT surgeons, speech pathologists, etc.


For some information on babies’ teeth care visit the Australian Parenting Website

‘Although our main role involves dental care, our interest is child welfare.’