Dr Steven Smith
1998 Bachelor of Dental Science, 1991 B.D.Sc (Hons), M.D.Sc (Ortho) (Qld)

Orthodontist Masters of Dental Science (Orthodontics)

Dr Steven Smith
Masters of Dental Science (Orthodontics)

With over 20 years’ experience, Dr Steven Smith is a qualified, specialist orthodontist who enjoys working with his patients to achieve their desired outcomes. Dr Smith grew up in Maryborough, in country Queensland and received his dental education at the University of Queensland, graduating with first class honors. He worked initially as a school dental officer in Charleville in south-west Queensland, and then as a general dentist in a group practice in Brisbane.
Dr Smith completed a three-year orthodontic specialist programmed and Master’s degree at the University of Queensland. Following graduation, he moved to Victoria and worked in a specialist orthodontic practice in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Since then, Dr Smith has successfully grown and developed two practices in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland over the course of ten years.
Dr Smith has worked as a visiting consultant orthodontist in an International Dental Clinic in Vietnam for three years.
Recently, Dr Smith has taken over as principal orthodontist at clinics in Sutherland Shire to build them up from small part-time clinics to thriving fully operational practices over a three-year period.
Presently, Dr Smith works as a consultant orthodontist in a combined Oral Surgery-Orthodontic practice (OSO Centre) in Wagga Wagga with three visiting oral surgeons from Sydney.
Education and research are tantamount to the personal development of the orthodontist. Further to this, Dr Smith always endeavours to attend numerous scientific meetings and international congresses to stay up to date. He holds memberships with the Australian Dental Association, Australian Society of Orthodontists, World Federation of Orthodontists and the American Association of Orthodontists.
His non-orthodontic interests include paddle boarding, cycling, music and good coffee. He is supported by his loving wife and their two sons.

1998 Bachelor of Dental Science, 1991 B.D.Sc (Hons), M.D.Sc (Ortho) (Qld)