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Sydney Paediatric Dentistry (SYDPD) understand that you have put your trust in your dentist; though occasionally procedures become so complicated that is required the involvement of a dental specialist for dentist to provide your children the best care as possible.

Choosing a Paediatric specialist is a difficult task for any concerned parent as it relates to the present and future dental health and self-esteem of your children. There are some dental conditions that have to be addressed only by a Paediatric specialist.

Dr Alcaino and his team of specialists are some of the best paediatric dentist specialists in the field and their impeccable credentials speak for themselves. Dr Alcaino himself is a well-known active lecturer in Australia and abroad that spends most of his time treating children in either a normal clinical setting or at under sedation’s facilities. Even so Dr Alcaino is a student still involved in continuing education at a post-graduate and graduate level. Also he has been involved with major national and international dentistry committees, organisations and congress.

His SYDPD practice is accredited under the Quality Improvement Council (QIC) Program. Dr Alcaino is currently registered as specialist dentist and, as his chosen career requires, had completed three years of additional study after his general dentistry training. Also, he has registered his specialist qualification with the Dental Board of Australia and he is long-standing member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) As a Paediatric specialist, Dr Alcaino is trained to deal with sources of dental diseases, special techniques to deal with young patients including those with medical, physical and intellectual conditions.

Dr Alcaino’s 2016 Commitments

Keep in Mind

Many general dental practitioners may have developed skills and expertise in the management of children’s oral health, though only registered specialists in Paediatric Dentistry, such as Dr Alcaino, may refer to himself as a Paediatric Dentist.

So now you know that your children will be in the right caring hands of SYDPD and Dr Alcaino’s. That is exactly want you want, a skilled professional who provides the therapeutic oral health care for your children from birth through to adolescence.

Next time you need a Paediatric dental specialist, look no further. See Dr. Alcaino at Sydney Paediatric Dentistry at Burwood.

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